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Best Games Similar to Brick Rigs

Best Games Similar to Brick Rigs

Brick Rigs is an exciting and innovative video game created by developer Lukas Rustemeyer. This game allows players to build and customize their own vehicles and race them against opponents in a virtual world. The game has become increasingly popular due to its unique and creative approach to vehicle design and customization.

LEGO Worlds

This open-world sandbox game from the LEGO franchise allows players to explore, discover, create, and customize their own world using LEGO bricks. The game also features a variety of vehicles, customizable characters, and a wide range of tools and building pieces. LEGO Worlds offers players an immersive experience that is perfect for creative building fans.

Kerbal Space Program

This game lets players take on the role of a space program director, managing the creation and operation of a space exploration program. Players have to build and launch their own rockets, satellites, and space stations in order to explore the universe. The game features realistic physics, detailed models, and a variety of challenges that make Kerbal Space Program a truly unique experience.


Minecraft is a classic sandbox game where players can create their own world using blocks. The game offers a massive amount of freedom, allowing players to build, explore, and survive in the expansive world. Players can also customize their character and create their own unique adventure.


Roblox is a popular online game that allows players to build their own virtual worlds. The game also features a wide range of minigames, ranging from sports games to racing games. Roblox also allows players to collaborate with each other to create their own custom game experiences.


Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that features randomly generated worlds. Players can explore and build their own world, battling monsters and gathering resources. The game also features a variety of tools and weapons for players to customize their character and progress through the game.

12 Jan 2023